Woman's Day Special- Gift them Love!

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This is an appropriate present as an accolade for any lady. Leader, confident, strong, loving, smart, caring, hero, role model, hopeful, always right-- show them that you acknowledge them each day!  
Gift this hamper to remind your strongest women including daughter, sister, mother or friend for how much you believe in them. 
Hamper Includes:

1) Self Care Notebook - for details kindly click on the link : https://treasuretales.in/collections/diaries-journal/products/self-care-notebook

2) World's sweetest Person - Personalised Magnet : for details check the link : https://treasuretales.in/collections/magnets/products/worlds-sweetest-person

3)Self Love Mug - details in the link : https://treasuretales.in/collections/self-care/products/self-love-mug

4)Shopping List - details in the link : https://treasuretales.in/collections/diaries-journal/products/magnet-shopping-list

5) Prettiest Smile : Mirror Card - details in the link https://treasuretales.in/collections/greeting-cards/products/mirror-mirror-prettiest-smile
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