Friendship Coupons

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Friends are not just friends but families. However, it is very seldom that their years of support, cute teasing, positivities are given a proper reward- keeping this in mind Treasure Tales has come up with an amazing set of 10 friendship coupons. The funky coupons are an ode to all the friends of the world. The concept is a clever one where your lovely buddy will get a special treatment offer just by showcasing their favorite coupon on any particular day. Head-massage, get to choose apparel of their choice from their wardrobe, are some of the adorable cute pampers that the coupon introduces. The backside of the 8X 3.4 inchesÍ coupons comes with funny conditions apply tag of the task performed, this makes the game much more interesting. Buy this set of a cool surprise to carve a broad glimmering smile in your beloved friend's face! These are the correct sets of tools in recognition of whatever they have borne for you.
Coupons are tied together with a holder! The ticket pages can be rearranged. Simply remove the holder and arrange how you would like.
Printed on high-quality metallic boards!