Bachelorette - Party Kit !

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These are fun and interesting games to play at any party or gathering, specifically bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Play this naughty themed taboo game with your boys or girls crew. Spice up the moment hotter for your bachelor parties. Get your hands at the large set of 64 raunchy taboo game cards, 108 Bachelorette against decency cards, 52 Is he the one cards, and 52 What am I super raunchy cards.

Flare up the moment at an exact temperature through these spicy game tools. Erase all the boredom from the room as this game includes an active participation of all members. Make your bridal party or bachelorette party a special memorable night of remembrance! Buy this spark of adrenaline from Treasure Tales now.

Easy to play -
1. To play, split the group into 2 teams.
2. Instructions for each game mentioned on the boxes separately!


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